Big Wave Drops

Big Wave Drops

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Designed to fight pathogens which cause ear infections and pain associated with water/wind exposure. Use after surfing, diving, sailing, swimming, bike riding, after wind exposure, flying, headaches, or anytime your ears feel uncomfortable.

Dr (Jomo) Hardeman, Au.D. created a ear drop to help his friend and big wave surfer Bianca with her chronic ear infections, super annoying ear itchiness, aches, and trapped water. After years of testing, Big Wave drops were born; formulated to battle the causes of surfer's ear and help soothe ear pain, dry trapped water, and kill unwanted microbes. Bianca now surfs without a single ear infection and has been able to avoid her recommended ear surgery, all thanks to Big Wave Drops! She is stoked to report she "LOVES BigWave drops and can't live without them, especially on the road in changing environments"

1 oz bottle. BigWaveDrops feel like a hug for your ears. These ear drops are intended for topical use only and to promote anti-inflammatory activity. We love living in balance and living healthy.

"I love BigWaveDrops like I love instant relief and feeling balanced. I do not miss having chronic ear infections and I believe BigWave Drops are to thank! Whether the waves are big or small, I use them all day. " Bianca Valenti ~ Big Wave Surfing Champion

Bioactivated ingredients: Doctor formulated proprietary extract blend Ethyl Alcohol, Vinegar, Water, L-Lysine, Olea Europaea Fruit Oil, Turmeric

How to Use?

Suggested : slowly apply 3-5 drops per ear 10-15 seconds each, as needed and up to 5x a day
Gently wipe away excess with a cotton ball
Please store in the shade, away from heat and light

Consult physician if there is pain or infection. Do not use in perforated eardrum
Keep Out of the Reach of Children
+This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease+

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